Besides doing it for birthday presents — it was the type he targeted

Photo by Francois Le Nguyen on Unsplash

What do you suppose would be the worst encounter on a dating app? Maybe you’d meet a charming but psychopathic killer. But then you wouldn’t live to tell the tale. Or how about an equally charming but pathological liar who stole more than hearts — 42 hearts and then some.


The neuroscience behind it. Plus one helpful mantra.

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

I blocked my son’s arm mid-air like Chun Li and held him by the wrist and my piercing stare. “Hands are not for hitting,” I said while reminding him of the storybook.

He huffed and puffed. Frustration bubbled until his face was raspberry red, and then he resorted to high-pitched…

How small businesses boost sales using IG Live and Stories to their advantage

Photo by Cristian Dina from Pexels

I’ve seen a surge in small businesses marketing goods on Instagram using in-app video functions. I do not own a shop myself, but as a customer, I can tell you why this works even better than solely selling on a website.

I can see this method working with various products…

Tracy Luk

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